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“Behind the cool name is a clever thought”... Godzilla known as an outcast, freak sea creature that is massive in size can be somewhat relative to this company but with a positive spin. The medical cannabis industry is seen as outcasts of regular business culture. We believe that because of the leading research and development that we are doing with medical cannabis; we can only be described as different and unique. Also oddly enough some of our products are so big that they are freakish in nature (compared to our competitors). Thus we figured, add a bit of bud in there and we are good to go. Budzilla it became.
We employ some of the brightest minds in cannabis research. Our fine medical staff is here with a great mission statement in mind...

General Mission statement:

- To expose, treat and heal with our products
- To obtain and utilise Non GMO Organic ingredients
- To offer dynamic packaging that encourages consumption
- To serve all medical cannabis patients and dispensaries worldwide
- To ensure integrity and honor by providing only the best quality ingredients
- To provide effective medical products that are surpassed by no other
- To pioneer and provide information, resources and scientific research in the field of medical cannabis
- To foster positive relationships, to promote and elevate the medical cannabis community so as to gain more social acceptance in regards to medical cannabis
- To account for, be responsible and to properly maintain production practices that not only meet governmental expectations but to exceed them so to set precedence(s) in the medical cannabis research, production and distribution industry.

About the Corporation
Usually when you’re talking about a corporation you think of a boring, drab company that doesn’t care. We are quite the opposite of that and it shows in our core beliefs. Our organization was created with the patient in mind first. So much so that we believe the health of our community depends on it. Founded and located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Budzilla was created by two dispensary budtenders that wanted to create medical edible products that amazed medical cannabis patients. “We believe in the power of positive recovery and we believe that Budzilla products endorse and inspire patients to see a more positive, fun way of living life by utilizing our product” states one of the founders known as gibbud (no not a typo!) a.k.a Rej. Our practical medical edibles are branded in a fun and playful way; the packaging is attractive and dynamic. The product enables people to have a better quality of life regardless of their conditions and provides a really pleasant experience. Speaking of fun... we have medically licensed health professionals on our staff to provide feedback and research in the product and a research development phase so that our product is appropriate to treat specific conditions. We also provide full kosher, non-genetically modified, organic raw sourced ingredients which are listed on the products in a clear and concise way. We follow labeling practices so that you know exactly what you are ingesting. We love opportunities to communicate with the medical cannabis community by supporting and fostering corporate relations with medical cannabis dispensaries, cultures magazines, establishments that serve medical cannabis, and professionals that research and develop new means of utilizing medical cannabis for medical use.

Contact information:

Telephone: (604) 723 1500

For help with a sales inquiry: sales @ budzilla . ca
For help with legal inquiries: legal @ budzilla . ca

Clinic address:

2267 Kingsway
British Columbia
V5R 5K2

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