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Budzilla Dispensary Clinic COOP is a leading patient provider and cannabis advocate.


Based in Vancouver, British Columbia

Our main mission is to focus on 3 key elements. Research and development to create quality medicinal ingredients. To source out the finest NON GMO, local organic ingredients. To set leading standards within the dispensary industry.
All Budzilla products are laboratory certified which enables us to develop consistent controlled concentrated products.

Our medical cannabis provides patients with relief from physical pain due to chronic and/or terminal illnesse(s) symptoms, psychological trauma, addiction, extreme anxiety and/or stress disorders. Some of the most prestigious Budzilla products help cure various cancers, stops violent seizures, helps regulate chemical imbalances and help stimulate appetite.
Our medical products help relieve patients of symptoms without the damaging side effects of toxic pharmaceutical pills.
We have a concentrate’s counter that cannot be matched by any other dispensary. Because of the fact that we create most of our concentrates we are able to offer them at a far lower reduced price then other dispensaries. 8$ for a gram of quality hash is a good example.

2267 Kingsway in Vancouver. @ the corner of Kingsway and Nanaimo.
“We did it folks; we actually opened our own shop…. We are crazy excited to see our community embrace us with open arms and warm smiles. Finally a dispensary that doesn’t need to hide behind closed doors and darkened glass... A safe place that is wheelchair accessible and friendly towards your needs. A place where people are shown the respect that they deserve. Welcome to Budzilla.” Rej H

“We are all part of a group that we created on our own, we treat each others with respect. You not only join our group to receive quality medicine but you are part of a group that cares about your well being. If you need a little escape from reality you can come to escape here. No judging and we all abide by the rule of trust and respect. We are everywhere and that’s how we can make a change together.” George V.
“This dispensary is unique and they are specialists in cannabis production and rnd, and fortunately for all of us prices are reduced due to them being distributors. The service is compassionate and caring towards individual’s needs.” Dr. Trulla O’Haire.
“I’m not comfortable with recommending patients to dispensaries normally. When I was exposed to the professionalism and knowledge that these people have I was impressed. However it’s not only that that won me over. What impressed me the most is the fact that Budzilla can treat specific conditions with specific remedies. In some cases, thought hard to admit, we cannot treat patients this directly even in the current medical field” Dr. Simon J. Hall

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