Mission Statement:
Our main mission is to focus on 3 key elements. Research and development to create quality medicinal ingredients. To source out the finest NON GMO, local organic ingredients. To set leading standards within the dispensary industry.
All Budzilla products are laboratory certified which enables us to develop consistent controlled concentrated products.
Our medical cannabis provides patients with relief from physical pain due to chronic and/or terminal illnesse(s) symptoms, psychological trauma, addiction, extreme anxiety and/or stress disorders. Some of the most prestigious Budzilla products help cure various cancers, stops violent seizures, helps regulate chemical imbalances and help stimulate appetite.
Our medical products help relieve patients of symptoms without the damaging side effects of toxic pharmaceutical pills.
We have a concentrate’s counter that cannot be matched by any other dispensary. Because of the fact that we create most of our concentrates we are able to offer them at a far lower reduced price then other dispensaries. 8$ for a gram of quality hash is a good example.

Our History

David and Goliath ... We used to supply dispensaries as distributors all the way up until my girl said ... Cookies are pilling up everywhere. Cookies from the counter to the ceiling! It,s time to get a store!

June 1rst 2014 was our opening day. It was one of those days that i was so proud that i couldn't come back down to earth'.

3 months later, after asking for permits from the federal government we got raided. They took everything and left us there with a ptsd from the incident. We were publicly shammed and demonized in the news papers. The worst lies were told about us. We were destroyed. We were going to shut down ... We had nothing left...

But a funny, even magical thing happened ... The community that we are part of came together in protest. The vpd facebook page and other social media assets were flooded. The VPD Quickly realized the political mistake they made and as proof the released 'un official dispensary rules on twitter' This was the beginning of regulation for the cannabis industry. Since then there has been no raids on dispensaries. The community donated cannabis to the store. Gave us support and also told us that this was just the beginning. We re opened up our doors to the dispensary the very next day after the raid.

'it's been a challenge straight from start' Rejean Houle (founder). 'This is why we fight on to this very day! For the people that were there for us when we were at our lowest points in lour life.'

Now, since this update (2018) we have had the pleasure in setting standards for the industry. Achieved multiple research and development milestones, we have been part of surgical procedures, We have been able to help cure patients of cancer, have made huge strides in the political and social arena and we have done our very best to honor those who came before us, those have helped us along the way.


Budzilla is much more then a store. It's a story of growth a store of perseverance knowing that what your doing is the right thing to do. We have so hard to prove our worth in the community that we are now un separable from it.

To all the good people out there thank you. With out you there is no us. We appreciate the kind words and deeds that have helped us threw the hard times and we will honor that t

Every day that we open the doors is an act of civil disobedience. We know that it might be our last. We risk, our futures, our freedoms, our liberty and our names for the cause of freeing cannabis from governmental restraints. That being said, it with tolerance and understanding, education and patience that we continue to try to offer you the very best quality that we can offer. We work tirelessly to try to include our positive way of living in our communities for we have a vision of a better future for everyone involved.


“We are all part of a group that we created on our own, we treat each others with respect. You not only join our group to receive quality medicine but you are part of a group that cares about your well being. If you need a little escape from reality you can come to escape here. No judging and we all abide by the rule of trust and respect. We are everywhere and that’s how we can make a change together.” George V.
“This dispensary is unique and they are specialists in cannabis production and rnd, and fortunately for all of us prices are reduced due to them being distributors. The service is compassionate and caring towards individual’s needs.” Dr. Trulla O’Haire.

“I’m not comfortable with recommending patients to dispensaries normally. When I was exposed to the professionalism and knowledge that these people have I was impressed. However it’s not only that that won me over. What impressed me the most is the fact that Budzilla can treat specific conditions with specific remedies. In some cases, thought hard to admit, we cannot treat patients this directly even in the current medical field” Dr. Simon J. Hall

Meet the Team

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Rejean Houle

Founder & Managing Director

Designated MMAR Cannabis grower - 2001/2014

Founded Budzilla -  2014



The Team

Everyone who makes Budzilla possible

Contributing Designated Caretaker(s), Cannabis specialist(s) 2001 - present

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