Budzilla Cannabis INC.

Welcome to the Budzilla Cannabis INC. Website

Budzilla cannabis is a ‘Mom and pops” Cannabis retail store. We focuses on premium, environmentally friendly, non GMO, organic cannabis and cannabis related products.

Located at 2267 Kingsway @ the corner of Kingsway and Nanaimo in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

We are part of the indigenous community in British Columbia, Canada!

“We are integrating Budzilla Cannabis into Aboriginal communities in a meaningful, positive, and substantial way. With the use of hemp and cannabis, we create opportunities which enhance personal growth in spiritual, healthy personal use and medical treatments. With education, goodwill and participation we will fully be part of communities by providing educational support and economic opportunities. We want to uphold traditional values with utmost respect of the people for we are those people.

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Media Gallery

Check out the good times that we’ve had in the past 6 years while operating the Budzilla cooperative. We literally have collected hundreds of Video’s and 1000’s of pictures for you to see what we have been up to. We have the Budzilla Show and the smoke show for your enjoyment as well in the gallery. Enjoy!

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Urban Dictionary: Budzilla


An exceedingly large clump of weed; usually an ounce or more. Extremely rare and highly coveted by stoners around the globe. if you so happen to come across one of these epic buds, be sure to take a picture, or your friends will never believe you.

That’s the dictionary version. To us Budzilla is a lifestyle. A kind place to meet. A safe oasis for like minded people that are health conscious. Cannabis is central to that health aspect. 

Our company mantra is:

There is no us with out you therefor We only offer the best for the best!